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Can Botox Treat Depression?

05 may 2017 14:54

Middle-aged women wishing to get rid of mimic lines, have been using Botox (a botulinum neurotoxin based drug) for a long time now. However, it may be used for another indication as well. In Russia it is used to treat cervical dystonia, blepharospasm, muscle hypertonus, spastic cerebral palsy, paralytic strabismus, seizures and spasms.
A suggestion was made that botulotoxin can treat clinical depression. The validity of the suggestion was checked in Определенный вид доклинического исследования, проводимый одним из исследовательских центров при проведении многоцентрового исследования.phase II clinical trials, held by American Allergan. The study compared safety, efficacy and tolerability of a single injection of 30 or 50 botulinum toxin type A units with placebo in women with clinical depression. Although the drug was not significantly superior to placebo at week 6 after injection, but improvement was observed in women who received botulotoxin at 30 units. That is why the clinical trial program will be continued, phase III clinical trials are planned to study botulotoxin effectiveness for treatment of clinical depression.

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