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Lower the Relapse Rate

12 may 2017 12:15

Results of CLARITY Определенный вид доклинического исследования, проводимый одним из исследовательских центров при проведении многоцентрового исследования.phase III clinical trials by Merck have demonstrated that cladribine (a cytotoxic antineoplastic chemotherapeutic drug from the purine agonists group, similar to 2’-dexoxyadenosine, a component of DNA molecule) in patients with remitting multiple sclerosis (RMS) help lower the annual rate of cerebral atrophy (volume loss). It gives a chance to patients with multiple sclerosis for a lower rate of cerebral atrophy and a two-year delay progression of disability.

In a randomized double-blind placebo-controlled phase III study of cladrabine in tablets, involving 1326 patients with RMS, a consistent link between brain volume loss and confirmed progression of disability was observed.

Study results confirm that cladribine in tablets for patients with RMS helps lower the relapse rate and delays the development of disability.

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