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Practically Checked

16 may 2017 17:18

Thanks to bacteriophages manufactured by NPO Microgen, people in the Tuymen region, who suffered from floods, will avoid serious mass infections.

Bacteriophages (non-toxic drugs, selectively targeted at bacterial cells) have already shown their effects in practice. They were successfully used during floods in the Siberia Federal District, Primorye, North Osetiya and Dagestan. Now, in the situation of a flood which caused an emergency preventing the possibility to observe normalhygienic rules, bacteriophages will provide a possibility to stop dysenteria infection. The efficacy and safety of these drugs, safe even in pregnant and nursing women, has been once again proven. These drugs are even recommended to newborns, as they are absolutely harmless. These products are widely used against many bacterial infections.

Today bacteriophages are an alternative to antibiotics. NPO Microgen (the sole Russian manufacturer)is currently developing the first universal bacteriophage against pyoinflammatory ENT infections, surgical infections, infant infections, bowel dysbacteriosis and other infections caused by Enterobacter genus.

Phase II clinical studies of the investigational drug has been completed. Phase III clinical trials are being prepared.

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