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A Barrier for Atherosclerosis

04 may 2017 12:57

Development of a new drug for prevention of atherosclerosis is ongoing at the Centre of Technology Adoption of Siberia State Medical University. In particular, for treatment of hypercholesterolemia (increased cholesterol level) – a condition leading to atherosclerosis.
The molecule discovered by Siberian researchers will put a barrier to that disease. Soon preclinical trials will be required to determine the safety profile of the new substance: its effects on immune system, hypersensitivity, mutagenic potential, general Мера вредного воздействия исследуемого материала на организм в условиях однократного или многократного введения.toxicity with long-term use.
Currently statins are playing the key role in treatment of atherosclerosis. However, they are not well-tolerated by all patients (9% of patients have intolerance of that group of agents). Until recently to struggle excessive cholesterol, sequestering agents, i.e. drugs binding bile acids in GI lumen, were used. But these are not used because of high toxicity There are currently no effective drugs for prevention of atherosclerosis to be used in patients with minor abnormalities of cholesterol metabolism.
It may thus be concluded, that the work of Siberian researchers is very important. The drug they are developing is a natural polysaccharide compound. It acts in the same way as sequestrant (although it is not one); binds and excretes bile acids, produced from body cholesterol. That is why the major part goes to produce bile acids, instead of atherosclerotic plaques. As opposed to sequestrants, the new product is free of chloride, that is why it is less toxic.

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