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Delegated to Roszdravnadzor

17 july 2017 14:12

By order of the Ministry o Healthcare Roszdravnadzor intensifies control over quality of immunobiological drugs.

Earlier it was reported that the head of department of pharmacological support and quality control of medicinal drugs at the Ministry of Health Helena Maximkina reported low quality of vaccines manufactured in Russia. At the meeting of the Coordination Council for Medicinal Drug and Medical Device Circulation Helena Maximkina highlighted that there was an impact on quality of vaccines, in particular, DTP vaccine, observed. Fortunately, no quality issues were raised for pneumococcal and influenza vaccines. Helena Maximkina also reported, that there are a lot of complaints both for vaccine shortage and non-compliance with the storage conditions of products.

As the Ministry of Health considers local manufacture of vaccines for the national vaccination calendar a top priority, quality control measures appear to be important. Healthcare administration, patients and all stakeholders at the pharmaceutical market are made aware on low quality drugs, including immunobiological products. The corresponding information letters are issued at the official site of Roszdravnadzor.

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