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Can Cells be De-energized?

18 may 2017 10:00

Russian, Czech and Spanish researchers are searching for effective antibacterials to fight cancer. They continue the idea of doctor Michael Lisanti (Manchester University) who was the first to offer depriving cancer cells of the ability to receive energy from mitochondria.

Elaborating on that idea, scientists from Russia, Czech Republic and Spain are looking for effective antibiotics to struggle against cancer, including cancer stem cells – progenitors of all malignant cells. According to Alex Lyakhovich, research associate of the Institute of Molecular Biology and Biophysics, researchers have already proven this potential on simple models with antibiotics and autophagia inhibitors.

A group from Brno develops program to detect images of non-functional mitochondria to assess antibiotic efficacy by robot. Scientists from Barcelona are working to develop an antibiotic to kill malignant stem cells, targeting the chemotherapy resistant cells. A group of researchers, including scientists from the Novosibirsk University, are looking for antibiotics, targeted at protein production.

Researchers have found a way to use antibiotics to block energy intake by cancer cells and start the process of autophagia, which is self-purification for recovery. A search for new antibiotics which would better affect the mitochondrial protein production , leaving the apparatus of the cells intact, is on-going.

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