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Treatment of Sepsis: a New Way

02 may 2017 14:11

Scientists form the Institute of Cell Biophysics RAS, Institute of Molecular Biology named after V.A. Engelgardt RAS, Institute of Theoretic and Investigational Biophysics RAS and Puschino Research Center Hospital developed a method of targeted delivery of anti-inflammatory drug. That work has become an important stage in search for new ways of treatment of gram-negative sepsis (“blood poisoning”), the major cause of mortality being endotoxic shock.
Innovative method of obtaining a highly purified heat shock protein BTS70, a molecular shaperone, restoring the normal protein structure, was developed at the Institute of Molecular Biology RAS. Researchers found that administration of BTS70 before endotoxins helps normalize blood indexes and reduce mortality in test animals.
A hypothesis on potential use BTS70 as an agent protecting cells and whole body against bacterial pathogens was made. Targeted drug delivery is required for the treatment to be effective. For that purpose it was suggested to use biodegradable capsules, with core gradually disintegrated in cells. This method of delivery and its modifications are currently being studied.

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