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Prosecutor General’s Office Dots the I’s

17 may 2017 12:20

The Memorandum on Pseudoscientific Character of Homeopathy signed by Commission Against Pseudoscience and Falsification of Research at the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences us bit a birnatuve act, Its conditions have exclusively non-regulatory character. That conclusion was made by the Russian Prosecutor General’s office, having studied normative legal acts in the field of healthcare and drug circulation, regulating issues related to the use of homeopathic methods of therapy.

It follows from the official response of the Prosecutor General’s Office that the above Memorandum contains position of select scientists, which one may accept or not.

In any case, the existing normative documents (law On Drug Circulation (2010), Order of the Ministry of Healthcare “On Using Homeopathic Methods in Practical Healthcare (1995) and others) enable using homeopathic methods in practical medicine.

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