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Unified Pharmaceutical Market of EEU: Barriers to be Removed

04 may 2017 12:52

As reported before, on May, 6 Unified Pharmaceutical Market of EEU will start its work. Key rules of its functioning have been approved. However, barriers for free drug circulation in the internal market of the Union are still remaining. A recent meeting of the Council of Eurasia Economic Commission was dedicated to removal of barriers and limitations. In particular, the question was dedicated to a procedure of budget purchase of drugs, vaccines and other immunobiological drugs in Kazakhstan within the framework of program of guaranteed volume of free medical aid. National suppliers are given preference to for purchase within tenders in Kazakhstan, which contradicts the norms and rules of the EEU.
Kazakhstan officials took the obligation to remove that barrier by July 1, 2017.
The commission will continue the work on removing barriers for free flow of goods, services, capital and workforce within the internal market of the Union.

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