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Against Headache

15 may 2017 17:27

A new drug for headache will soon be offered by Eli Lilly. It is an investigational drug galcanezumab, which successfully passed Определенный вид доклинического исследования, проводимый одним из исследовательских центров при проведении многоцентрового исследования.phase III clinical studies for treatment of episodic and chronic igraine. It is an injectable drug intended for self monthly administration by patient. Galcanezumab is a monoclonal antibody specific to CGRP protein.

Study results have shown the efficacy of the drug versus placebo. Patients, who received galcanezumab at 120 mg and 240 mg had lower event rate. The number of days with migraine per month significantly decreased. It was 2.7 days for dosage of 120 mg.

Side effects reported in the studies were only limited to administration site reactions. The company is planning to send the data collected during studies to the FDA for marketing authorization of the drug.

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