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A New Antibiotic to be Available to the Mankind

12 may 2017 12:12

An application for marketing authorization of a new antibiotic for treatment of community-acquired bacterial pneumonia will be submitted to the FDA in 2018. It is a drug developed by Paratek Pharmaceuticals — an investigational tetracycline antibiotic omadacycline, which has recently successfully passed Определенный вид доклинического исследования, проводимый одним из исследовательских центров при проведении многоцентрового исследования.phase III clinical studies.

Clinical trials involving 774 patients have shown that the new product is effective and safe. Early clinical response in the omadacycline group was achieved in 81.1 per cent of patients, versus moxifloxacin group — 82.7 per cent.

Marketing authorization applications for omadacycline will be submitted to FDA in H1 2018, and to EMA – in H2 next year.

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